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Carroll County Genealogical Society has produced a number of special projects representing research conducted by it's associates and members.These projects are provided for your review and research.  Please use the material as needed to support your research and we only ask that you appropriately site the source and material.  If you find a brick wall suddenly tumbles as a result of research you conducted here please consider a small donation or a membership with the Carroll County Genealogical Society.  Your support guarantees that we can continue to provide Collections such as these to assist you.  

Census Information - Carroll County
African American Research
Census 1850
Death-Burial Notices
Slaves Held in Carroll County in 1864
Sort by Name of Slave
Sort by Name of Owner
1850 and 1860 Western Maryland Slave Owners - By Jeff Duvall
Carroll County Maryland Slave Manumissions 1838-1864 (Will Records)

Agricultural Census

Cemeteries of Carroll County - Table of Surnames
This table provides a list of surnames for those interred in a Carroll County Cemetery.  The complete collection of of over 71,000 people can be found in the membership area of the website.

Centennial Celebration of Carroll County
The Offical program for the Centenial Celebration of Carroll County 1837-1937, provides a historical synopsis of the County, as well as a quick look at the Towns.
Carroll County 1837 - 1937 -  Booklet

Chattel Record Books of Carroll County
         Please read the Introduction as it provides an explanation of these records.  These are listings of the records from Carroll County.  The actual files are located at the Maryland Archives in Annapolis.
Introduction - Carroll County Chattel and Bond Record Books
Book 1 - Entries begin Jan. 14, 1842 ‐ Entries end August 12, 1844 ‐ 448 total pages
Book 2 - Entries begin Aug. 31, 1844 ‐ Entries end March 27, 1850 ‐ 467 total pages
Book 3 - Entries begin March 13, 1850 ‐ Entries end November 3, 1854 ‐ 468 total pages 
Book 4 - Entries begin Nov. 4, 1854 ‐ Entries end Jan. 20, 1859 ‐ 464 total pages 
Book 5 - Entries begin Feb. 5, 1859 ‐ Entries end March 21, 1864 ‐ 480 total pages 
Book 6 - Entries begin Feb. 2, 1864 - Entries end April 26, 1869 - 486 total pages 
Book 7 - Entries begin Apr. 8, 1869 - Entries end June 14, 1872 - 496 total pages 
Book 8 - Entries begin June 18, 1872 - Entries end May 22, 1876 - 538 total pages 
Book 9 - Entries begin May 20, 1876 - Entries end April 5, 1879 - 543 total pages 
Book 10 - Entries begin Apr. 26, 1879 - Entries end March 17, 1882 - 540 total pages 

Civil War Information

Carroll County Courts
Listed here are two trial dockets for 14 February and 15 February, 1906. Jury selection has been made from the list of citizens selected for jury duty.  Trial Dockets

Family Envelopes - Revised April 2018
Represented are notes and information submitted by many other researchers and often undocumented.  Some family envelopes may contain full or partial copies of material used to document research.  They may also contain family sheets and undocumented trees handwritten or printed.   We consider this material of value, given the time frames in which this material may have been submitted, often 20 - 30 years past. Some researchers may point to out of print books and contain passages from these past treasures.  Hints and direction can often be found in review.  

Family Histories
  Represented are family histories on file in the Genealogy Section of the Westminster Branch, Carroll
County Public Library. They represent more than 40 years of donations by the authors or compilers.
Some are in book form; others are unbound manuscripts. They are single copies – not for sale – for
use in the library only. They may not be checked out or borrowed on interlibrary loan. Please consult
with CCGS to assure availability if you are looking for one of these histories. Upon request, we will
attempt to find addresses of the authors in case you wish to inquire about purchasing a copy from them.

Indentures - Carroll County Lists 1837 - 1927

Index to Carroll County Will and Probate Records 1800-1999
This is an alphabetical list that is easily searched and will provide information for locating records at the Maryland Archives. The documents listed in the Index are to be digitized and will eventually be available on Family Search. This project is a joint effort with the Maryland Archives, the Maryland Genealogical Society and Family Search.

Insolvency Cases - Carroll County Cases at the Maryland State Archives
Guide to Understand and Accessing Carroll County Insolvency Cases
Example of an Insolvent Indenture
List of Carroll County Insolvency Cases
Alphabetical Record of Insolvent Indentures by Trustee
Alphabetical Record of Insolvent Indentures by Debtor

James Lebbius Switzer's Reminiscences
This is a series of 15 articles published in the Union Bridge Pilot, a Carroll County, Maryland, newspaper, in 1910.  J. L. Switzer looks back more than 50 years to recount events of his childhood and the people living in and around his hometown of Union Bridge.

Ledgers - Historical Collections

Marriages conducted by Rev. S.J. Derr - Lutheran Minister at St. Paul's, Arcadia & St. Mark's, Hampstead  
Marriages conducted by William Franklin, Elder at Sams Creek Church of the Brethren, Marston Road.  Source: American Sentinel Friday, August 18, 1905

Mortality Information - Carroll County 
Necrologies from the Democratic Advocate
Physicians in Carroll County - 1880 Mortality Schedule
Schedules - Carroll County Mortality

Origins of Carroll County
1836 Petition to Create a New County to Serve the Citizens - Carroll County

Photographers of Carroll County
A list of photographers from Carroll County from the book: PHOTOGRAPHERS & PHOTOGRAPHS OF CARROLL COUNTY
by Bob Porterfield  

Public Schools of Carroll County
Public School Trustees of Carroll County - 1883
Public School Teachers for Carroll County - 1910 

Tax Records

Tax Year 1773

Delaware Hundred - approximate location in the souteast corner of Carroll County today. From Md Archives.

Pipe Creek Hundred - comprises an area around Westminster today.  From Md Archives.

Digital images from a Carroll County Commissioners of the Tax account book, 1858-1872.

This Maryland State Archives collection is found under SC 6166-1-1 in the Special Collections offerings.  It is the result of a collaborative effort by the Carroll County Historical Society and the Maryland Archives.  The collection offers insight into expenditures by the County and interaction with it's citizens.  Filled with names and payments you just might find your ancestor in the many listings.  It is a large file so please be patient as it downloads for viewing.  We think you will find it of interest and a gold mine when your family surname is found.    


Voting - Carroll County

Lists of Qualified Voters in 1873 by Election District

Registered Voters - 1st District - Taneytown

Registered Voters - 2nd District - Uniontown

Registered Voters - 3rd District - Myers

Registered Voters - 4th District - Woolerys

Registered Voters - 5th District - Freedom

Registered Voters - 6th District - Manchester

Registered Voters - 7th District - 1st Precinct - Westminster

Registered Voters - 7th District - 2nd Precinct - Westminster

Registered Voters - 8th District - Hampstead

Registered Voters - 9th District - Franklin

Registered Voters - 10th District - Middleburg

Registered Voters - 11th District - New Windsor

1865 Voters List - Frederick County by Jeff Duvall

War of 1812 - Carroll County