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Subject Indexes to Back Issues of The Carrolltonian
September 2002 through June 2024
Back issues are available to members in the membership area of the website.  Back issues are being added to the collection in an ongoing process.
Volume XXII, Number 1, September 2002
  • Annual Banquet Report 
  • Additions and Corrections for Krider’s Cemetery
  • Hudson Family Cemetery
  • Some CCGS History
  • Tracing Colonial Scots-Irish Families in America
  • Abstracts of Minute Books of the Orphans’ Court of Carroll County—January 1, 1839— June 24, 1839
  • 1930 Census...Coming
Volume XXII, Number 2, December 2002
  • Update on Sebastian ―Boss Hammond—African American Tombstone Carver
  • Information on the Maryland State Archives
  • Peter Orendorff Family Cemetery
  • Franklin Family Cemetery
  • A Trip to the National Archives at College Park (MD)
  • U.S. Direct Tax of 1798
  • Abstracts of Minute Books of the Orphans’ Court of Carroll County—June 24, 1839—December 30, 1839
  • Helpful Hints for Preserving Family Collections
Volume XXII, Number 3, March 2003
  • Baltimore Immigration Records
  • Cemetery Records for Carroll County—Coming Down the Homestretch
  • Genealogy Department in Indiana—#1 in the Nation
  • Abstracts of Minute Books of the Orphans’ Court of Carroll County—January 1840—June 1840
  • Rural News from the Past—articles on old banking in Carroll County
Volume XXII, Number 4, June 2003
  • Zile’s Ice Cream Company, Westminster
  • United Methodist Historical Society at Lovely Lane Methodist Museum and Archives
  • New Addition to Society’s Resources—Catoctin History Magazine
  • Franklin Family Cemetery Restoration—a ―Labor of Love‖
  • Veterans’ Information Compiled by Nathan Johnson Baile
  • American Lutheran Church Archives
  • Abstracts of Minute Books of the Orphans’ Court of Carroll County—July 1840— December 1840
  • Records at the Historical Society of Carroll County from The True American, Volume 1, #31—1855
  • Rural News from the Past—from The Democratic Advocate of February 24, 1883— a clever poem on the Weaver/Keyser family histor
Volume XXIII, Number 1, September 2003
  • Common Errors in Genealogical Writing and Publishing
  • Some Carroll County Marriages and Deaths in The Examiner, a Frederick Newspaper —1860-1863
  • Cemetery Recording Progress
  • Newly-arrived Book on CCGS Shelves —Derr Family
  • Online Registry Honors WW II Veterans
  • Abstracts of Minute Books of the Orphans’ Court of Carroll County—January 1841—March 1841
  • Suggested Materials for Local Genealogy Research at the Carroll County Public Library
  • Rural News from the Past—An old advertisement and song sheet
Volume XXIII, Number 2, December 2003
  • Germanic Ties
  • Recipes from Bread and Pastry Cook of the Baltimore Cooking School
  • Copying Inscriptions at Westminster Cemetery 
  • Some Carroll County Marriages and Deaths in The Examiner, a Frederick, Maryland Newspaper—1864-1865
  • Occupations of Residents in Taneytown Election District in 1850 Census
  • Carroll County Items in The Maryland Union, a Frederick, Maryland Newspaper— 1855-1864—sporadic entries
  • Abstracts of Minutes Books of the Orphans’ Court of Carroll County—April 1841— June 1841
Volume XXIII, Number 3, March 2004
  • Caleb Johnson: African American Civil War Soldier from Taneytown
  • Cemetery Saved: Richards Family Cemetery of Hampstead
  • Bennett Family Cemetery
  • Check County Courthouse First for Discharge Papers    
  • More Copying of Westminster Cemetery          
  • Who Is Seraphine?
  • U.S. Treasury Records of National Banks
  • Maryland Historical Society’s New Museum
  • Nameless Faces—tips on keeping family photographs
  • Abstracts of Minute Books of the Orphans’ Court of Carroll County—July 1841— September 20, 1841
  • Terminology in Wills
  • Postcard from the Past (unusual tree in Westminster)
Volume XXIII, Number 4, June 2004
  • CCGS Resources and Researching
  • Carroll County References Published by The Republican Citizen—1841-1869 (sporadic entries)
  • Rededication of the Franklin Family Cemetery on Gilbert Road, Franklin District
  • Prugh Family Cemetery
  • Richards Family Burying Ground
  • Genealogical Codicil to My Last Will and Testament
  • Preserve America Project
  • Abstracts of Minute Books of the Orphans’ Court of Carroll County—September 1841—December 1841
  • Postcard from the Past Continued (unusual tree in Westminster)
Volume XXIV, Number 1, September 2004
  • Cousin Removal – understanding family relationships – includes chart
  • An Amazing Smith Family – Carroll County Smith Family (with given names John T. Smith, George A. Smith, Washington Smith, John Smith, Adam Smith, Rebecca Smith, and Nancy Smith, plus surnames Lindsay and Wampler)
  • Caltrider Family Cemetery – near Manchester
  • Publication of ―Boss Hammond stonecarving research in Markers XXI, The Journal of the Association for Gravestone Studies
  • Abstracts of Minute Books of the Orphans’ Court of Carroll County – December 7, 1841 – March 21, 1842
  • Rural News From the Past – from the American Sentinel of May 25, 1895 – a Breach of Promise Case from Carroll County involving the surnames Weybright, Powell, Warner, Weant, Henning
Volume XXIV, Number 2, December 2004
  • Taneytown Celebrates 250 Years
  • Recipes from the ―Bread & Pastry Cook – a Baltimore cookbook
  • "Photographers & Photographs of Carroll County 1840-1940" – a new publication by Bob Porterfield
  • Maryland Law: Burial Sites in Maryland
  • Foreign Genealogy Websites – Scotland, England, Wales, Scandinavia
  • Abstracts of Minute Books of the Orphans’ Court of Carroll County – March 21, 1842 – August 15, 1842
  • Rural News From the Past – Pleasant Valley news from the Evening Sun of 1924 Saving Anna Amalia – rescue of historic book collection from a German library which burned
Volume XXIV, Number 3, March 2005
  • Carroll County Bible Records: A Growing Collection – includes listing of many family bibles presented through the Wm. Winchester Chapter, DAR
  • Tribute to Judy Wagner – Former Carrolltonian Editor
  • Corrections and Additions to Carroll County Cemetery Books
  • Genealogy in a Carroll County Elementary School – incorporation of the subject into the curriculum at Winfield Elementary School
  • Gleanings from local sources - Edward Richards Family Bible and Obituary of Mrs. Philip Gore
  • Marriage Certificate of George M. Rigler and Eva M. Duft [?], February 3, 1858
  • Abstracts of Minute Books of the Orphans’ Court of Carroll County – August 22, 1842 – February 13, 1843
  • Rural News From the Past—Abstracts from The Parish Bulletin, The Silver Run Lutheran Charge, May-July 1930 – baptisms, funerals, accessions (new members) and assorted parish news
Volume XXIV, Number 4, June 2005
  • Minute Books of the Carroll County Orphan’s Court – overview of the CCGS project to abstract the minute books
  • Brummel Family Cemetery – near Hampstead
  • David Wolf Bible (includes surnames Wolf, Miller, Cullison, Fink)
  • Searching for Irish Ancestors? – online database of Irish immigrants to the U. S. appearing in the Pilot, a Boston newspaper published in the 19th century
  • CCGS Treasurer’s Report – 1995-2005
  • What’s for Dinner?  John Diehl Bowman’s 1887 list of farm meals served
  • Images of America: Taneytown – a newly published book
  • Catoctin History – magazine covering Central Maryland
  • Abstracts of Minute Books of the Orphans’ Court of Carroll County – February 13, 1843 – May 15, 1843
  • Rural News From the Past—from the Democratic Advocate dated February 24, 1883 – local events from Manchester, Finksburg and Union Mills
Volume XXV, Number 1 - September 2005
  • We’re in Town for an Hour.  Can you Give Us a Family History? – research experience on the Radcliffe family from Isle of Man
  • Humorous Excerpts from the 1844 Diary of Isaac Van Bibber
  • The 1837 Will of Joseph Arnold of Carroll County – includes manumission of several slaves from The Democratic Advocate, Westminster, MD, March 11, 1882
  • Reverend Henry Willis and His Descendants (Hambleton, Hollingsworth, McClure, Owings, Ricketts, Willis, Winchester)
  • Marriage and Death Notices for Carroll County from Frederick, Maryland Newspapers, January 1870 – December 1871
  • Rural News From the Past—The Parish Bulletin, The Silver Run Lutheran Charge, Silver Run, MD, April 1930
Volume XXV, Number 2 - December 2005
  • Carroll County and the Civil War
  • Origin of ―Stogies‖ – cigars named for drivers of Conestoga wagons
  • Ahnentafel of Susan Elizabeth Sykes (includes surnames Boughton, Brummel, Bundy, Corner, Houck, Kenyon, Sykes, Thompson, Walsh)
  • So You Have Scottish Ancestors!
  • Made His Own Coffin and Tombstone: Howard S. Thomas
  • Christmas Shopping Ideas from 19th Century Carroll County Newspapers
  • Limestone Quarries, Lime Kilns and Lime Burners
  • Roads and Their Overseers in Revolutionary Frederick County Which is Now Part of Carroll County – includes specific locations of roads and names  of overseers
  • Rural News From the Past—from the American Sentinel dated January 1, 1898 – items from Snydersburg and Gamber
Volume XXV, Number 3 - March 2006
  • Leaving No Stone Unturned: Genealogy Beyond the Library
  • Ancestors of Robert Allen Farver Sr. (includes surnames Arnold, Auts, Barnes, Byerly, Cockey, Easton, Ebaugh, Farver, Grammer, Jenkins, Lee, Loudenslager, Martin, Pickett, Schaeffer, Schaffer, Shaeffer, Shaffer, Stimmel, Williams, Yingling)
  • Remembering Private Ernest Kohler – story of a German-born Civil War veteran
  • New Windsor, Maryland in 1858 – listing of businesses in the town
  • Discovered in New Windsor…A Headstone for Ada F. Graybill (Wife of Nathan Charles Graybill and daughter of Uriah and Sarah A. Bixler.)
  • Jacobs Family Cemetery Update
  • Family Cemeteries Recently Discovered (Clary Family and Nicholas Dorsey Family)  Some Newspaper Clippings Found in Isaac Baile’s Family Bible
  • Rural News From the Past—from the American Sentinel dated February 4, 1899 and March 27, 1880 – items from Taneytown, Mayberry and Tyrone
Volume XXV, Number 4 - June 2006
  • Historical Highlights: CCGS’s First Twenty-five Years
  • "Things" thoughts on the importance of saving family objects
  • Update on Ada Bixler Graybill
  • Ancestors of Thomas Eugene Deardorff (includes surnames: Adams, Bair, Barnes, Bish, Buckingham, Burkert, Childs, Conaway, Condon, Cook, Crocker, Crouse/Krauss, Deardorff/Dierdorff, Durand, Ellis, Franklin, Gladman, Gillis, Goodwin, Gosnell, Gross, Hill, Hood, Kellenbenz, Koontz, Leatherwood, Lohr, March, McQuay, Newcomb, Nye, Ogg, Richerick, Rogers, Scholl, Shipley, Skidmore, Skinner, Spahr, Stocksdale, Strong, Unger, Yingling)
  • More Information from Isaac Baile Bible
  • The John Hambletons – An Early Methodist Family
  • Rural News From the Past—from the American Sentinel dated July 6, 1899
Carrolltonian Subject Index – Volume XXVI
Volume XXVI, Number 1, September 2006
  • Reminiscence of a Methodist Circuit Rider – insights into lives of early circuit riders from an address by a modern re-enactor with references to Francis Asbury, Henry Willis and others prominent in Maryland Methodist history
  • The Land Patent Process in Early Maryland
  • Carroll County Annual Pensions for Fiscal Year 1887 – lists names, residences (election district) and amounts received
  • Twenty-fifth Anniversary Banquet Report
  • Marriage and Death Notices for Carroll County from Frederick, Maryland Newspapers: January – August 1872
  • Rural News From the Past— from Democratic Advocate of October 3, 1896 – impact of the ―Great Storm‖ of that year
Volume XXVI, Number 2, December 2006
  • The Birnie Family of Taneytown, Maryland – Part I – Clotworthy Birnie and family’s immigration to Maryland from Ireland
  • Funeral Records of the First German United Evangelical Church in Baltimore Which Contain Carroll County Connections.
  • Riley Ahnentafel (Includes surnames Bollinger, Currens, Ferree, Fourey, Hahn, Keller, Long, Martin, Meckley/McCley, Musselman, O’Reiley, Overholtzer, Reiff, Reiley, Riley, Sheets, Shingledecker)
  • Memories of Bethany Church – Franklinville
  • Unspoken History: Eliza Dunn Jones and William Edmondson Jones, Brigadier General, C.S.A. – poignant story of epitaphs revealing relationships
  • Some Carroll County Grand Army of the Republic Posts, 1906-1907 – officers’ names
  • List of Letters remaining in the Taneytown Post Office published on October 13, 1814 from the Engine of Liberty and Uniontown Advertiser
  • Funeral of Ellen Johnson (from the Democratic Advocate, Saturday, February 27, 1897) – Ellen Johnson was a resident of the Carroll County Almshouse
  • Metes and Bounds (Survey Terminology)
  • Monuments (Survey Terminology)
  • Marriages and Death Notices for Carroll County from Frederick, Maryland Newspapers: Sept. – Dec. 1872
  • Rural News From the Past—from  the American Sentinel of January 6, 1900 and the Democratic Advocate of January 21, 1910 – pertaining to communities of Sykesville, Melrose and Smallwood
Volume XXVI, Number 3, March 2007
  • The Birnie Family of Taneytown, Maryland – Part II
  • CCGS/HSCC Joint Tracey Map Preservation Project – Dr. Arthur Tracey’s maps of land tracts in central Maryland
  • B.C. "Before Cell Phones" how telegraph messages revealed family relationships – contains surnames Wagner, Hoke, Albert
  • Methodist Church Records to be Digitized
  • Joseph Theodore Sullivan Ahnentafel (includes surnames: Appler, Bohn, Brower, Deibert, Ehrich, Hoffman, King, Mertz, Sullivan)
  • Mary Ellen Wagner Ahnentafel (includes surnames Wagner, Haines, Dell, Frizzell, Kellinger, Keller, Kiler, Shinkle)
  • The Portrait Miniature of Valentine Carter – restoration of a family heirloom
  • Richard Wight Family Cemetery in Eldersburg/Sykesville – inscriptions on four gravestones
  • More About the Wight Family
  • Rural News From the Past— American Sentinel of March 27, 1880 – pertaining to communities of Double Pipe Creek (Detour), Pleasant Valley, Westminster, etc.
Volume XXVI, Number 4, June 2007
  • Some Pouder/Powder Family History
  • Richard Tangye from Cornwall: ―Blue Line Dick and the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad – Cornish mining family in Eldersburg whose son became a railroad engineer
  • Edith Marjorie Seabrook Ahnentafel (includes surnames: Albert, Beckenbaugh, Burckhart/Burckhardt, Christ, Darnell, Davis, Dill/Diehl, Dodderer, Dodson, Everhart, Ferguson, Fuchs, Griffith, Goettig, Hauck/Hauk, Haverly/Eberle, Horstenhofer, Hubel, Huck/Hauk, King, Kober, Lautenschlaeger, Loudenslager, Marsh, Meyer, Mueller, Myers, Roberts, Robey, Schmitt, Seabrook, Sinn, Thomas, Weaver/ Weber, Zacharias, Zimmerman)
  • A Tuesday Afternoon Visit (Memories of schoolteacher Martha Jane Ecker)
  • Carroll County Public School Trustees – 1881- listing of all county schools by election district with names of trustees for each school
  • Rural News From the Past— Democratic Advocate of February 17, 1883- local affairs covering activities of people from many parts of Carroll County
Carrolltonian Subject Index – Volume XXVII
Volume XXVII, Number 1, September 2007
  • More Pouder/Powder Family History
  • A Father’s Love for His Daughters: Seeking the Father of George Reed
  • Will of Jacob Reed (1754-1838)
  • Ahnentafel of Arthur Vernon Field (includes surnames: Baile, Baker, Barrow, Beasman, Bennett, Bingham/Bigham, Bruch/Prugh, Conaway, Cord, Dorsey, Elder, Ems, Field, Bruch/Prugh, Finkbeiner, Frizzell, Gorsuch, Haines, Harner, Hawkins, Horner, Lindsey, McCoy, McMechen, Mitchell, Ogg, Phillips, Pugh, Randall, Rowles, Stocksdale, Tevis, Yoker/Yoder)
  • David Griffith of Taneytown, MD (Died 1788) – includes descendants
  • Articles from The American Sentinel, October 10, 1862 pertaining to aspects of the Civil War in aftermath of the Battle of Antietam
  • Rural News From the Past— Democratic Advocate of February 17, 1883 – Weaver family’s old German Bible published in Germantown, PA in 1776
Volume XXVII, Number 2, December 2007
  • Shafer’s Resurvey: The Residence of Mr. Lewis Shafer
  • Using Source Material Carefully
  • Connecting the Dots: Recycling ―Boss‖ Hammond’s Gravestones – the Sarah Dorsey story
  • Bollinger Ancestry of Douglas Leber (includes surnames Leber, Bollinger, Wineholt, Keller, Bowman, Bauman, Brodbeck, Hoffman, Hupmann)
  • Civil War Monument for 6th Maryland Regiment
  • Articles from The Democratic Advocate of July 4, 1885 and March 5, 1904
  • New Books Added to CCGS Collection at Westminster Library
  • More Pouder/Powder Genealogy
  • The Remarkable John W. Murray of Hampstead – from Democratic Advocate of
March 5, 1904 (includes surnames Cox, Kelbaugh, Null, Yingling)
  • John W. Murray’s Family Background (Includes surnames Cox, Beasman, Fowble, Garner, Henricks, Chenoweth, Armacost, Keslinger, Kerlinger, Maurer)
  • Tales the Tombstones Tell: Interesting Reminiscences of an Old Maryland Family – connections of the Ross, Key, Scott families from Democratic Advocate of January 30, 1886
  • Rural News From the Past: American Sentinel of January 1, 1898
Volume XXVII, Number 3, March 2008
  • Reminiscences of James L. Switzer from Union Bridge Pilot of May 6, 1910 – early days of the village of Union Bridge
  • Lost and Found Photographs: Charles and Catharine Harding
  • List of Farms, Owners and Locations Featured in Weekly Issues of The Democratic Advocate between December 12, 1885 and June 12, 1886
  • List of Letters From The American Sentinel published August 1, 1862 and December 19, 1862
  • More Pouder/Powder Genealogy: Jacob Pouder, Sr. (1761-1842)
  • Necrology for the Year 1888 (of persons 70 years of age and over) published in The Democratic Advocate on January 5, 1889
  • Statistics from the Census of 1840 for Carroll County
  • List of Interments in Westminster Cemetery during 1888 published in The Democratic Advocate on January 5, 1889
  • Some Names of Old Time Occupations, Part I
  • Rural News From the Past: Democratic Advocate of March 17 and March 31, 1883
Volume XXVII, Number 4, June 2008
  • Quest for Freeborn Garrettson (1756-1815)
  • BYU’s Family History Certificates
  • Baker Family Cemetery (Frederick Co. near Carroll Co.) Endangered!
  • Some Names of Old Time Occupations (continued)
  • More Union Bridge Reminiscences of James L. Switzer from Union Bridge Pilot of May 20, 1910
  • Union Bridge Area Heritage Committee
  • Carroll County Marriages and Deaths Reported in The Examiner (Frederick Co.) between 1849-1859
  • Corbit’s Charge Commemoration June 27-29, 2008
  • Rural News From the Past: Democratic Advocate of June 13, 1891 featuring items on Stonersville and Silver Run
Carrolltonian Subject Index – Volume XXVIII
Volume XXVIII, Number 1- September 2008
  • Certificates of Freedom 
  • Schaeffer Family Reunion – descendants of Jacob and Dorothea Schaeffer
  • ―Woman’s Rights in Maryland‖ – from Democratic Advocate of June 15, 1872
  • Names of Old Time Occupations – final installment
  • Abstracts of Forty-one Certificates of Freedom for Carroll County African Americans
  • List of Letters in Taneytown Post Office – October 1, 1835 – from The Carrolltonian and Baltimore and Frederick Advertiser
  • "One Story at a Time" – research experience of Debra A. Hoffman
  • Keeping Sykesville’s History Alive – Sykesville Gate House Museum of History
  • "How to Live Longer" – from the Democratic Advocate of February 3, 1872
  • The Shriver Family Papers including Papers of Special Interest
  • U.S. Name Count – statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau on changes in the most common names as a result of new waves of immigrants
  • Rural News From the Past – the Democratic Advocate of March 17, 1883 – covers communities of Warfieldsburg, Manchester, Sams Creek and Tank.
Volume XXVIII, Number 2 – December 2008
  • Sports History of Carroll County – newly-published book on Carroll County sports figures – includes Dick Harlow, Carol Fritz, Dave Foutz, Earl Hersh and many others
  • Leister’s Store: A Pleasant Valley Memory Museum – new museum preserving history of Pleasant Valley
  • "Mule of Mississippi" – story of how ownership of a mule changed a family’s future
  • Farms of Carroll County – Leigh Castle: The Residence of Pinkney J. Bennett
  • List of Qualified Voters in 1873 from the Taneytown Election District (District #1) – alphabetical list of qualified males including newly-enfranchised African Americans
  • 1873 Marriages and Deaths of Carroll Countians from Frederick County Newspapers
  • Rural News From the Past – Union Bridge Pilot of December 11, 1908 – reports on communities of Tyrone, Linwood, Uniontown and Woodsboro (Frederick Co.)
Volume XXVIII, Number 3 – March 2009
  • Isaiah Lightner’s Remarkable Life – story of Union Bridge native’s Civil War experiences, life in Union Bridge and Nebraska – includes names Drach, Whiteleather, Haines, various members of the Lightner family, etc. 
  • Historical Society of Mount Airy 
  • Rolling Roads –rolling hogsheads of tobacco to Chesapeake ports 
  • CCGS Projects Corner – report on progress of recording Carroll County marriage licenses from 1900 -1930
  • Some Carroll County Records held at the Maryland State Archives List of Pupils at Priestland School near Union Bridge—1843-44 and 1844-45
  • Civil War Cemeteries and the Making of Gravestones for Civil War veterans
  • Marriages and Deaths Pertaining to Carroll County in Frederick Newspapers—1874 -1875
  • Rural News from the Past—from the Union Bridge Pilot of November 6, 1908— reports on communities of Taneytown, Medford and New Windsor
Volume XXVIII, Number 4—June 2009
  • Many Carroll Couples Married in Howard County—includes statistics showing various Carroll County communities and the number of residents who crossed into Howard County to marry—no specific names given
  • Ralph Lescalleet and his Carroll County Connections
  • Ahnentafel of Virginia Lee Lescalleet (includes surnames Bair, Gouker, Abel, Green, Lynch, Wenrich, Moore, Crisher, White, Lohr, Sprucebanks, Clark)
  • CCGS Treasurer’s Report for Fiscal 2008
  • Carroll Countians to Try Their Fortunes in North Dakota—from the Democratic Advocate of March 24, 1900 (includes surnames Shorb, Englar, Myers, Culbertson, Shreeve, Tucker, Maus, Petry, Hauver, Wolf, Halter, Fleagle, Lum)
  • CCGS Projects Corner—report on progress of new, expanded Index to Wills and Administrations
  • Tying Up Loose Ends: More on Isaiah Lightner including a family tree
  • List of Qualified Voters in 1873 from the Uniontown Election District (District #2) - alphabetical list of qualified males including newly enfranchised African Americans
  • New Windsor Heritage Committee—activities and new museum
  • Rural News from the Past—from the Democratic Advocate of July 6, 1872—‖A Trip Down the Chesapeake‖
Carrolltonian Subject Index—Volume XXIX
Volume XXIX, Number 1—September 2009
  • The Stonecutting Beavers of Carroll County—includes surnames Beaver, Lockard, Holmes, Magee, McGee
  • CCGS Projects Corner—progress on Carroll County’s Mortality Schedules for years 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880
  • 1866 List of Carroll County Out Door Pensioners
  • Michael Boerner Receives Award for Restoration of Mt. Union Cemetery
  • Rural Villages of Carroll County—map
  • There’s Just No End to It! - final bits of information collected on Isaiah Lightner
  • Frederick County Officers of the War of 1812
  • Never Too Old to Learn - genealogy group at Carroll Lutheran Village retirement community
  • Baltimore County Celebrates 350 years
  • Interlibrary Loan—Check It Out! - borrowing books using Carroll County Public Library’s interlibrary loan system
  • Rural News from the Past—from the Democratic Advocate of September 6, 1884— Colleges and Schools Opened, items about Taneytown, New Windsor and Sykesville
Volume XXIX, Number 2—December 2009
  • Oliver T. Everhart—A Man of Medicine
  • Ancestors of Oliver Troxel Everhart—(includes surnames Everhart, Zacharias, Weaver, Shower, Eberhardt, Wolf)
  • Camp Bradford, Baltimore, Maryland and the Civil War Draft Substitutes—includes names of draftees from Carroll County and their Civil War substitutes
  • 100th Sullivan Family Reunion in Indiana
  • Assorted 1860s advertisement from the American Sentinel newspaper
  • Delinquent Lands in Carroll County from The Democrat and Carroll County Republican of April 21, 1842—list by election district of property owners, names of their land tracts, acreage, years delinquent in payment of taxes, taxes due, etc.
  • Rural News from the Past—from the Democratic Advocate of December 13, 1884— local affairs taking place in Westminster, Uniontown, etc.
Volume XXIX, Number 3—March 2010
  • "Favor and Ease in a Valley of Strife" - a brief history of the Davis Family (includes surnames Hammond, Davis, Pierpoint, Hobbs, Sellman, Dorsey)
  • "What’s in a Name" interesting observations on Carroll County surnames and given names seen in the county’s probate records
  • More 1860s advertisements from Carroll County newspapers
  • "Almost Lost in Union Bridge" - immigrants from eastern and southern Europe in Union Bridge in early 20th century and their influence on that community
  • New Books Acquired by CCGS
  • List of Qualified Voters in 1873 from the Myers Elections District (District #3) - alphabetical list of males including newly-enfranchised African Americans
  • Rural News from the Past—from the Democratic Advocate of February 17 and March 31, 1883—news pertaining to Sykesville, Double Pipe Creek (Detour) and Linwood
Volume XXIX, Number 4—June 2010
  • Searching for the Seamans—experience searching for ancestors emigrating from the Rhineland Palatinate region of Germany in the eighteenth century
  • Restoration of a Civil War Flag—flag belonging to 4th Regiment United States Colored Troops—regiment contained many Carroll County African Americans
  • Helpful Hints for Searching Probate Records in Carroll County
  • List of Letters held in the Westminster Post Office—July 1, 1843
  • The Linwood, Maryland Camp Meeting—remembrance of a typical camp meeting
  • "The Soldier’s Grave" - a Civil War-era poem 
  • List of Qualified Voters in 1873 from the Woolerys Election District (District #4) - alphabetical list of males including newly-enfranchised African Americans
  • Rural News from the Past—from the Democratic Advocate of July 6, 1872—items relating to celebration of the Fourth of July including a poem
Carrolltonian Subject Index—Volume XXX
Volume XXX, Number 1—September 2010
  • Maryland’s Early Insolvency Laws
  • CCGS Annual Dinner
  • CCGS Insolvency Project at the Maryland State Archives
  • List of Insolvency Cases at the Archives
  • Luke Wagers and His 1848 Insolvency Case
  • Maryland Historical Magazine goes online at the Maryland Historical Society website
Volume XXX, Number 2 – December 2010
  • A Wentz Family from Northern Carroll County
  • Publication of Index to Carroll County Records from the Register of Wills 1837- 1898, Volume I: Wills and Administrations
  • Ahnentafel of Joh. Georg Everhardt/Everhart  (includes surnames Zacharias, Sontag, Schneider, Euler, Schnell, Suss, Scheib, Diehl, Schwartz, Krist, Ebert, Jost)
  • Introducing New CCGS Officers: President Eileen Halter Mummaugh and VicePresident Eileen Souza
  • Maryland State Library Resource Center
  • List of Qualified Voters 1873 – 4th Election District (Woolerys)
  • New Books Added to CCGS Collection
  • Taneytown Heritage Committee and Taneytown History Museum
  • Rural News from the Past: Democratic Advocate of January 21, 1910 and Union Bridge Pilot of January 14, 1910 – News from Carrollton, Linwood, Cranberry Station, Frizzellburg and ―Application for a Pardon.‖
Volume XXX, Number 3 – March 2011
  • Farms of Carroll – Salem – the Residence of Wm. Y. Frizzell
  • CCGS Treasurer’s Report – FY 2009 and 2010
  • Applications for Liquor Licenses: To Keep a Hotel or Ordinary – 1895
  • Onward and Upward:  CCGS Plans for Our 30th Anniversary
  • Upcoming Conferences for Spring 2011
  • Interments in Krider’s Cemetery – April 1894 Through March 1895
  • New Books Added to CCGS Collection
  • List of Qualified Voters 1873 – 5th Election District (Freedom)
  • Call for Help – Send corrections/additions for our Cemetery Project CD
  • Rural News from the Past: Democratic Advocate of February 17, 1883 and March 17, 1883 – News from Sam’s Creek and Hampstead, New Advertisements, Easter Monday Parade
Volume XXX, Number 4 – June 2011
  • Extracts from the Journals of Major Alexander McIlhenny of Uniontown (17791835)
  • New CCGS Website
  • Apler/Appler Fraktur in the Genealogy Section of the Westminster Library
  • Help CCGS Commemorate the Civil War Sesquicentennial
  • Planning a Visit to Carroll County – how CCGS can help you make the most of your genealogy-oriented visit
  • Morning Spent at Historic Runneymede/Nusbaum Cemetery (with list of burials)
  • Family Reunions – Summer 2011
  • CCGS Wills Project at the Maryland State Archives
  • Incident in the Life of David Roop
  • Carroll County Community Media Center’s Carroll County History Project Award
  • Remembering Carroll County Citizens Who Served in the Civil War: Private David Royer, Co. A, 6th Maryland Infantry Regiment
  • Rural News From the Past: Democratic Advocate of June 20, 1891 and American Sentinel of June 24, 1899 – News from Gist and Silver Run, Orphans’ Court, A Surprise Party, Base Ball
Carrolltonian Subject Index—Volume XXXI
Volume XXXI, Number 1—September 2011
  • More Extracts from the Journals of Major Alexander McIlhenny of Uniontown (1779-1835)
  • Discovering the Penn Family Cemetery—July 2011
  • Finding the Hall Family Cemetery
  • Soldiers of the War of 1812—list appearing in the Democratic Advocate of July 1, 1876
  • Some Union Bridge History—from the Union Bridge Pilot, Dec. 26, 1913
  • Remembering Carroll County Citizens Who Served in the Civil War: Sgt. Samuel Thomas Lynn, Co. F., 7th Maryland Infantry
  • Presentation of Book: Carroll County, Maryland Marriages—1900-mid-1915
Volume XXXI, Number 2—December 2011
  • The Lady in the Hat—genealogical research solves a family mystery
  • Baltimore County Public Library Newspaper Databases
  • Ahnentafel/Pedigree Chart of Robert Michael Brenner—includes surnames Brenner, Fuss, Hawk, Rinehart, Feeser, Stonesifer, etc.
  • More on the Penn Family Cemetery
  • A Most Intriguing Carroll County Gravestone: Peter Erb’s headstone dated 1774
  • Remembering Carroll County Citizens Who Served in the Civil War: Corporal Emanuel Hawk, Co. F, 7th Maryland Infantry
  • Rural News From the Past—excerpts from the Union Bridge Pilot, Dec. 11, 1908 and Feb. 4, 1910
Volume XXXI, Number 3—March 2012
  • Interesting Nineteenth Century Obituaries—Colonel John Lamotte, Dr. Samuel Swope, and Henry Willis Dell
  • List of Qualified Voters—Manchester Election District—1873
  • Are you Researching the Right Ancestors? - Guidance to prevent going in the wrong direction
  • an Online Resource Guide to Family History—a review
  • More Background on the Penn Family and Its Cemetery
  • Remembering Carroll County Citizens Who Served in the Civil War: Captain Wm. Henry Bussard Dorsey, Co. D, 1st Maryland Cavalry, C.S.A.
  • Rural News From the Past—from the Democratic Advocate of Feb. 11, 1910
Volume XXXI, Number 4—June 2012
  • St. Mary’s Congregations (Lutheran and Reformed) Celebrate 250th Anniversary
  • New Books on the CCGS Bookshelves
  • Manchester Historical Center
  • New Book from ―Friends of Holy Trinity Cemetery‖
  • CCGS Financial Report—2007 through 2011
  • A Few Excerpts from the Journal of Jacob Sharer/Sharrer (1829-1886)
  • Assorted and Sundry Gleanings of Interest to Genealogists
  • A Brief Look at the Carroll County 1850 Census: statistics from Westminster City and the Franklin Election District
  • The Penn Family Cemetery Project Completed
  • Remembering Carroll County Citizens Who Served in the Civil War: Sister Matilda Coskery, Daughter of Charity
Carrolltonian Subject Index—Volume XXXII
Volume XXXII, Number 1—September 2012
  • Carroll’s 1890 Census
  • Descendants of Michael Funderlind
  • Some Helpful Databases on Concerning Central Maryland Boyhood Reminiscences of Isaiah Lightner of Union Bridge
  • Remembering Carroll County Citizens Who Served in the Civil War—Pvt. Thomas  Richardson, Co. I, 18th Regiment, Veterans Reserve Corps
  • Unclaimed Letters in the Westminster Post Office—October 1, 1858
  • CCGS Annual Banquet—June 18, 2012 
  • Rural News from the Past—Democratic Advocate, September 13, 1884
Volume XXXII, Number 2—December 2012
  • Special Anniversary Issue—War of 1812
  • Epitaph of Benjamin Bond
  • Obituaries of Some War of 1812 Veterans Published in Carroll County Newspapers
  • Carroll County Times Digital Archive
  • Muster Roll of Capt. Benjamin Gorsuch’s Infantry Company in the Battalion of Maryland Militia—July 26 through September 19, 1814
  • Library Corner—featuring some books in the CCGS collection relating to the War of 1812
  • Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Baltimore—by Dennis Frizzell Blizzard.  A list of company members enrolled from western Baltimore County at the time of the ―Fork Muster Ground draft‖ in August 1814.
  • Remembering Carroll County Citizens Who Served in the Civil War—Pvt. Lewis P. Manning, Company B, First Potomac Home Brigade
  • Pension lists and other pension information relating to War of 1812 veterans and their widows
  • Ellen Paraway and the Warehime Family of Bachman Valley
  • Bachman Valley Home of John Shafer
  • Rural News from the Past—Union Bridge Pilot, November 20, 1908
Volume XXXII, Number 3—March 2013
  • Mrs. Knipple’s Land on the 1862 Martenet Map of Carroll County—Part I
  • More Local Historical References to the War of 1812: a ―Peace Meeting‖ held in 1813 and a letter from Dennis Blizzard, President of the Society of the War of 1812, to Dr. Basil Crapster in 1973
  • The Twelfth of September—"Old Defenders" Commemorate the War of 1812
  • John and Jacob Hiveley/Hively: Soldiers of the War of 1812
  • Remembering Carroll County Citizens Who Served in the Civil War—Pvt. Joshua Paraway and Pvt. John N. Squirrell, members of U. S. Colored Troops
  • Library Corner—featuring T. J. C. Williams’ History of Frederick County, Maryland and other books from the CCGS collection relating to Frederick County history
  • Deep Run Woollen Factory advertisement
  • Rural News from the Past—Union Bridge Pilot, February 21, 1913
Volume XXXII, Number 4—June 2013
  • Carroll County Chattel Records Saga
  • Library Corner—featuring CCGS’s large collection of books relating to research in Baltimore city and county
  • Carol Dickinson’s Expertise: tribute to a CCGS volunteer 
  • Mrs. Knipple’s Land—Part II
  • John Haines Family Cemetery
  • How to Find the Carroll County Chancery Records on the Maryland State Archives website
  • Remembering Carroll County Citizens Who Served in the Civil War—Pvt. Andrew J. Baker, G. W. Brown’s Company, Stuart’s Horse Artillery, CSA
  • Rural News from the Past—reproduction of advertisements from a Charles Carroll High School newsletter of June 1933
Carrolltonian Subject Index—Volume XXXIII
Volume XXXIII, Number 1—September 2013
  • Too Many David Sullivans—researching several men with the same name, only one who actually fought in the Civil War from Carroll County
  • How to find Carroll County Land Records on the Maryland State Archives website
  • Library Corner—featuring books concerning the Civil War with genealogical information pertinent to Carroll County
  • Mrs. Knipple’s Land—Part III—last of the series
  • The Roll Call—list of 50 Union Bridge women who made a large quilt in 1875 with their names on it
  • Carroll County Marriages and Deaths from Two Baltimore Newspapers—18171839—papers are the Baltimore Patriot and the Baltimore Sun
  • Rural News from the Past—featuring local news from Linwood and Johnsville which appeared in the Union Bridge Pilot of September 1, 1911
Volume XXXIII, Number 2—December 2013
  • Unexpected Treasures Can Be Found—Carol K. Petranek’s article on helpful genealogical information to be found in probate records at the Maryland State Archives: wills, releases, inventories, administration accounts, indentures, etc.
  • Who was Lewis Miller?—hoping to further identify Miller who was a Confederate deserter from Carroll or Baltimore county
  • A Recollection—names of students at Old Priestland Academy on the outskirts of Union Bridge during 1848.  Adventures of their teacher, Daniel Christ of Uniontown.  Article from the Union Bridge Pilot of June 29, 1917
  • Library Corner—emphasis on how helpful the CCGS indexes to Carroll County wills, administrations, inventories and sales of real and personal property (published by CCGS) can be when using Family Search.
  • Databases of Interest on
  • Marriages & Deaths from the Baltimore Sun Pertaining to Carroll Countians— covering the 1840s
  • Cpl. Isaac H. Hyde—Carroll Countians Who Served in the Civil War—Hyde deserted from the 7th Maryland Volunteer Infantry in 1862 but was caught in 1864.
  • Rural News from the Past—from the Union Bridge Pilot of November 5, 1908 and September 1, 1911—covering Union Bridge, Medford, Tyrone and Spring Dale
Volume XXXIII, Number 3—March 2014
  • The Tracey Collection Maps—Now in Digital Format for Carroll County— describes the project co-sponsored by the Carroll County Genealogical Society and the Historical Society of Carroll County to digitize Dr. Arthur Tracey’s maps of early land plats.  To date, the ones for Carroll County are finished and available at HSCC.
  • Lists of Letters—3 lists from 1835, 1838, and 1844 newspapers showing letters awaiting pickup at the post office in Westminster (2) or Taneytown (1)  
  • Pvt. Jesse H. Barnes—Carroll Countians Who Served in the Civil War—Barnes, part of the 7th Maryland Volunteer Infantry, was captured in 1864 and died in a prison camp in Florence, SC
  • Tribute to Sue Bundy—longtime CCGS member and volunteer who moved away
  • Carroll County Marriage Licenses—availability of the digitized images on computers at the Carroll County Courthouse Annex
  • Library Corner—featuring the CCGS collection of family histories
  • Marriages and Deaths from the Baltimore Sun—January 1850 through August 5, 1853
  • Rural News from the Past—local items from the Democratic Advocate of February 11, 1910, on Medford, Fountain Valley, Sandyville, Millers, etc.
Volume XXXIII, Number 4—June 2014
  • History of Carroll County’s Burgoon Family—begins about 1742
  • Contributions to CCGS of Jeff Duvall
  • Library Corner— featuring material on Germans who settled in Pennsylvania and Maryland in the CCGS collection
  • Interactive Maps on the Maryland State Archives Website—how to access these helpful old maps
  • Carroll County Wills Available on Family Search—how to use Family Search to access probate records for Carroll County
  • Westminster in 1839—numbers of inhabitants and their occupations
  • Civil War Draft Articles from the Baltimore Sun—October 1862-January 1863— names of draftees from 11 election districts—also some substitutes
  • Death of Mrs. Francis Scott Key, Jr.
  • Commander John William Bennett—Carroll Countians Who Served in the Civil War.  Bennett commanded an ironclad vessel in the Confederate Navy
  • Marriages and Deaths from the Baltimore Sun—August 26, 1853 through April 16, 1856
Carrolltonian Subject Index—Volume XXXIV
Volume XXXIV, Number 1—September 2014
2014—A Year of Anniversaries—founding of Westminster, Battle of Baltimore, etc.
  • Carroll County VIPs in 1845—those involved in Andrew Jackson memorial parade
  • Helpful Research Hints: Maryland census records online, South-Central Pennsylvania newspapers online, Carroll County Times Archive online
  • CCGS Mid-Summer Event recap
  • Members in the news
  • Belva LaMotte quilt
  • Pvt. Laban Ogg—Carroll Countians Serving in the Civil War
  • Ahnentafel of Robert Mark Barnes through seven generations
  • Rural News from the Past —From Union Bridge Pilot of October 9, 1908
Volume XXXIV, Number 2—December 2014
  • James McCannon: another early Methodist in the Wakefield Valley
  • Research Tip—1880 Schedules of Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Classes
  • Death of Revolutionary War Soldier Capt. Samuel Dewees
  • 1896 Telephone Directory for Carroll County
  • Dr. George T. Motter—Carroll Countians Serving in the Civil War
  • Organization of Carroll County—county officials in 1837
  • Marriages and Deaths from the Baltimore Sun—Apr 17, 1856—Nov. 14, 1857
  • Rural News from the Past—From the Democratic Advocate November 23, 1889
Volume XXXIV, Number 3—March 2015
  • Carroll’s First Agricultural Fair—1869
  • Death Certificate Copies Available at CCGS 
  • Source of Early Carroll County Insurance Records
  • Private Lewis Shipley—Carroll Countians Serving in the Civil War
  • French Legion of Honor award for CCGS Member George W. Pouder, Jr.
  • Marriages and Deaths from the Baltimore Sun—Nov. 19, 1857-March 12, 1859
  • Rural News from the Past—From the Democratic Advocate March 7, 1896
Volume XXXIV, Number 4—June 2015
  • Carroll’s Copper Mines and Cornish Miners—including Capt. Thomas Paynter, John Harris, George Trenwith, John Vial, and James and Richard Tangye
  • Sources of Old Carroll Newspapers—the Enoch Pratt Free Library
  • Waesche’s Chapel in Detour—fast disappearing
  • Revisiting the Welsh-Penn-Barnes Family Cemetery in 2015
  • Emanuel Brower Tavern Ledger Kept from 1806-1813: a source for names of those who frequented this New Windsor tavern.  Belongs to the New Windsor Heritage Committee—this article does not include names
  • Marriages and Deaths from the Baltimore Sun—March 12, 1859-August 11, 1860
Carrolltonian Subject Index—Volume XXXV
Volume XXXV, Number 1—September 2015
  • Headstone for Luke Wagers, Jr.: Honoring One of Maryland’s ―Old Defenders‖
  • Democratic Advocate Necrology for 1885
  • Democratic Advocate Necrology for 1886
  • Old School Photographs and Student Lists—an ongoing CCGS Project
  • A Bish’s School Romance
  • Newly-discovered Hatfield Family Cemetery
  • Marriages and Deaths from the Baltimore Sun—Aug. 21, 1860-Jan. 24, 1862
  • Rural News from the Past—Democratic Advocate of August 5, 1882
Volume XXXV, Number 2—December 2015
  • The Mills on Sam’s Creek: Part I—The Landis/Englar Mill including genealogy of the Landis Family 
  • Library Corner
  • Poem of Linda Moreau
  • Democratic Advocate Necrology for 1887
  • Finding Mother’s Lost Family: The Search for Elsie Mae McClelland’s Family
  • Ahnentafel of Harry Thomas McClelland
  • Marriages and Deaths from the Baltimore Sun—Jan. 29, 1862-Mar. 12, 1863
  • Rural News from the Past—American Sentinel of December 21, 1901
Volume XXXV, Number 3—March 2016
  • The Mills on Sam’s Creek: Part II—The Plaine Oil and Saw Mills including genealogy of the Plaine Family
  • The Mills on Sam’s Creek: Continuation of Part I—The Landis/Englar Mill including genealogy of the Englar/Engler Family
  • Library Corner
  • Ahnentafel of Roger Gary Roop
  • Nathan Gorsuch (ca. 1757-1813) and his wife Pelatiah (nee Pearce) of Baltimore and Carroll Counties, Maryland
  • Rural News from the Past—American Sentinel of February 12, 1881
Volume XXXV, Number 4—June 2016
  • The Mills on Sam’s Creek: Part III—Howard’s/Sam’s Creek Mill including genealogy of the Howard Family, the Maurer Family and the Naill Family
  • Early Pipe Creek Quaker Weddings, Union Bridge, Maryland (1760-1772)
  • List of Letters in Westminster Post Office—April 1, 1845
  • Helpful Research Tips
  • Cemetery Updates: Franklin Family Cemetery #2 and Gosnell Family Cemetery
  • Shoemaker by Trade: The Knipple Family Ledger—Bachman Mills, Carroll County, MD 1787-1820 and Bedford County, PA 1825-1847
  • Library Corner
  • Picturing some Carroll County History: Photo of the Crumbacker/Senseney House outside Linwood and photo of the landmark boundary stone for the intersection of the Norris, Pusey and Englar land tracts dating to surveys of the 1700s
  • CCGS Financial Report for Fiscal Years 2012 through 2015
  • Rural News from the Past—Democratic Advocate of May 12, 1894
Carrolltonian Subject Index—Volume XXXVI
Volume XXXVI, Number 1—September 2016
  • The Mills on Sam’s Creek: Part IV—Warfield’s Mill
  • Obituary of Dr. Jesse L. Warfield
  • 35th Anniversary Banquet Photos
  • 1862 Carroll County Civil War Draft List
  • Outline Map of Carroll County—1836
  • Picturing Carroll County History—photos of Liberty & New Windsor Turnpike Sign from Gate No. 2 and an arched stone bridge over Sam’s Creek along that turnpike 
  • 1860 Sabbath School attendees—a list of over 100 students at Ebenezer Methodist Church near Winfield supplied by David N. McQuay, school superintendent
  • Marriages and Deaths from the Baltimore Sun—March 19, 1863-March 21, 1864
Volume XXXVI, Number 2—December 2016
  • The Mills on Sam’s Creek: Part V—Norris Mill
  • CCGS World War I Project
  • Avoiding Common Genealogy Mistakes
  • Worthwhile Online Resources
  • Ahnentafel of Wm. R. Conaway with Anecdotes—surnames Conaway, Pickett, Barnes, Shaeffer, Haines, Streaker, Gosnell, Jenkins, Richardson, Barlow, Welsh
  • That Ah-Ha! Moment—Research of Scott Reese into Reese family history
  • 1927 Roop Reunion—reprint from the Union Bridge Pilot of August 27, 1927
Volume XXXVI, Number 3—March 2017
  • The Mills on Sam’s Creek: Part VI—McKinstry’s Mill
  • New Website Coming—Use of EasyNetSites software for new CCGS website
  • Search for Annie Brown—Family research experience of Tami Stocksdale Maerten
  • Marriages and Deaths from the Baltimore Sun—April 7, 1864-April 7, 1865  Rural News from the Past—Democratic Advocate of March 31, 1870
Volume XXXVI, Number 4—June 2017
  • The Mills on Sam’s Creek: Part VII—Stoner’s Mill
  • Ahnentafel of Pamela J. Paynter—surnames Paynter, Hobbs, Parlett, Shipley, Wilson, Hatfield, Arrington, Sehman, Haines, Griffee, Browning, Christ/Crist, Buck, Bernard, Bosley, Rust, Umford, Mnu
  • Carroll County School Teacher Petition from 1882 with names of 53 public school teachers and statistics showing number of public schools in each election district
  • Caleb McPeak’s Gravestones—examples of the carving styles of African American stone carver Caleb McPeak (1778-1865/66)
  • Those Family Stories—interesting research experiences of CCGS volunteers helping people discover the truth behind their family stories
  • "Looking Back" - poetry of Julia Yohn Pickett
  • Marriages and Deaths from the Baltimore Sun—April 13, 1865-April 12, 1866
Volume XXXVII, Number 1 – September, 2017
  • Carroll’s Women Farmers in 1941
  • Ahnentafel of John Harold Hull, Jr. – Surnames Hull, Morelock, Hoover, Reese, Lucabaugh. Houck, Giggard, Burns/Byrnes, Matthias, Schaeffer, Panebaker, Weaver, Babylon, Essig, Roop, Knippel/Knipple
  • Old Documents Discovered - Democratic Advocate April 14, 1883
  • Early Plat of Union Bridge
  • A Quaker Marriage in 1813 – William Shepherd and Ruth Fisher
  • Marriages and Deaths from the Baltimore Sun – 5/1/1866 – 7/13/1867
  • Rural News from the Past – Ads from the Constitutional Garden Memorial Program, April 28, 1938
Volume XXXVII, Number 2 – December, 2017
  • The Haines Family: Quakers of Union Bridge
  • Ahnentafel of Eilleen E Halter Mummaugh – surnames: Halter, Schaeffer, Warehime, Wantz, Hahn, Lippy, Bush, Hyle, Favor, Morelock, Myers, Flickinger, Armacost, Crouse, Babylon, Bixler, Keefer, Born, Pouder, Jennewein, Broschen, Bausum
  • Traditional Irish Naming Patterns
  • Colonial Surveying
  • Art and Immigration: The One House Project
  • Remembering George Horvath, Jr.
  • Picturing Carroll County History – Curfman house
  • Marriages and Deaths from the Baltimore Sun – July 19, 1867 – May 28, 1868
  • Rural News from the Past – American Sentinel, January, 1902
Volume XXXVII, Number 3 – March, 2018
  • The Hibberds and their Woolen Mill
  • More Haines Family History
  • Undelivered 1815 Letters in Taneytown
  • Reminiscence of Louise Isabell Bankert
  • Ahnentafel – Carlton Ray Barnes, by Wanda Barnes Hall, surnames: Barnes, Brashear, Stem, Hood, Fleming, Criswell, Cain, Harrison, Arnold, Hooper, Shipley, Dorsey, Norwood, Grimes, Becraft, Poulson, West, Mullineaux, Cramlett, Manahan, McKenzie, Frizzell, Bowling, Crockley, Purdum, Hilleary, Franklin, Saffle, Fowler
  • Jonathan Plaine – Gravestone Carver
  • Marriages and Deaths in the Baltimore Sun – 6 June 1868 – 5 May 1869
  • Rural News
Volume XXXVII, Number 4 – June, 2018
  • My Family’s Murder Mystery – Jesse Wheat Uppercue
  • Book Review: Thrown into Carroll County, Maryland – Adrean Clawson
  • Outdoor Pensioners 1858 – 1860
  • Special Carrol Co Government Expenses 1858 - 1860
  • Legislation to Protect Maryland Burial Grounds
  • New Maryland Land Records Website
  • Marriages and Deaths in the Baltimore Sun May 6, 1869 – June 25, 1870
  • Genealogy Collection of Margaret Myers
Volume 38, Number 1 – September, 2018
  • McKinstry’s Mill Photo
  • Margaret L Staton, US Navy, WW2 and Phillip H Staton, SFC, US Army, WW2, Korea
  • Democratic Advocate – 29 Mar 1866
  • Rural News from the Past – Democratic Advocate – 15 July 1910
Volume 38, Number 2 – December, 2018
  • Haugh’s Church and Cemetery
  • A Family History and Research – A Clabaugh line
  • Recent CCGS Meetings
  • Some Local News: Maryland Journal March 31, 1888, Democratic Advocate December 1, 1870, Herald-Messenger August 16, 1923
Volume 38, Number 3 – March, 2019
  • The Three Frederick Bachmans
  • Had His Grave Ready - Jacob Gittinger – Frederick News, May 8, 1902
  • Items from the Democratic Advocate, March 11, 1869
  • Age is Just a Thing
  • DNA and Genealogy
Volume 38, Number 4 – June 2019
  • The Three Frederick Bachmans, continued
  • In Other CCGS News
Volume 38, Number 1 – September 2019
  • Mining in Carroll County
  • CCGS Organizational Updates
  • Rural News of Carroll County
  • Tips on Using the GTR-Chronicling America Link on the CCGS Website
  • The Democratic Advocate, 30 Nov 1878
Volume 39, Number 2 – December 2019
  • Farming in Carroll County
  • Ah…Genealogy and the People We Meet
  • Harford Family Research
  • Rural News of Carroll County – Democratic Advocate November 21, 1896
  • Alphabet Chart 1600’s – 1900’s
Volume 39, Number 3 – March 2020
  • John Vial and Family
  • Dorsey Cemetery Visit
  • Member Jeff Duvall – Genealogy Website
  • Gravestone Symbols and Terms with interpretations
  • Book Review: Ellis Island Interviews, by Peter Morton Coen
  • Local News from The Times - Westminster 4 Jan 1918
Volume 39, Number 4 – June 2020
  • Priestland School Photo, Carroll County, Maryland, Oct 1900 – found in a Nebraska antique store
  • The Carroll Record, 18 May 1895: William Rinehart, Celebrated Sculptor
  • Democratic Advocate 15 June 1878 – Priestland Items
  • Carroll Record, 31 Dec 1937 – Priestland School House Burned
  • Benjamin Crampton – One of Carroll’s African American Civil War Servicemen
  • Spring Cleanup at Holy Trinity Cemetery and Social Distancing
  • DNA + Luck
  • The Times – Westminster 11 Jan 1918
Volume 40, Number 1 – September 2020
  • Finksburg History
  • Camp Meetings – Hollingsworth-Grove 20 Sep 1876
  • Farms of Carroll County: Clover Hill, Residence of Algernon Tillard, 9 Jan 1886
  • Carroll County Government -Maryland Manual 1916-17
Volume 40, Number 2 – December 2020
  • Early Carroll County Families – Farquhar, Senseney, Gist
  • Find A Grave
  • CCGS Board Meeting Notes
  • Cousin Chart – Family Relationships Explained
  • In Chancery – Annapolis Maryland Republican, June 24, 1843
  • Death’s Harvest – Democratic Advocate, October 18, 1907
Volume 40, Number 3 – March 2021
  • Puzzling out a Sharrer Family History in Carroll County, 1790-1890
  • The Other Buffington’s
Volume 40, Number 4 – June 2021
  • History of Westminster Maryland
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Thoughts on Locusts – from the Diary of Jacob Engelbrecht
  • Manchester District Items
  • Ingles Cemetery Visit – 25 April 2021
  • Obituary – John E McGrain, Jr – 4 May 2021
Volume 41, Number 1 - September 2021
  • Happy 40th Birthday
  • It’s 2021 – And we are celebrating!
  • The County Fair – Democratic Advocate October 11, 1879 and February 10, 1911
  • Remembering….
  • A Look Back on CCGS Activities
  • Woman Keeps Watchful Eye on Those Long Gone – Carroll County Times 3 Apr 2016
Volume 41, Number 2 – December 2021
  • The Poulsons – from Finland to Carroll County
  • Local Resources
  • Research Brick Walls - David Shaffer/Shafer
  • Doc Ward - Edgar Rutherford Ward
  • Shipley Cemetery Rededication
  • Buffington Family History presented to the CCGS collection
  • Holy Trinity Cemetery Visitation Day
  • History of the CCGS Logo 
Volume 41, Number 3 - March 2022
  • The Poulson Farmstead and Gravestones: The Story Untangled
  • Finding Simon Peter
  • Coming Soon! The 1950 Census
  • Dear Ancestor: A poem by Walter Butler Palmer, 1906
  • Sykesville Gate House Collaboration with Enoch Pratt Library
Volume 41, Number 4 - June 2022
  • Winfield - My Second Home Town
  • A Silver Wedding - Democratic Advocate
  • Historic Ellsworth Cemetery Tour
  • Holy Trinity Cemetery Clean-up
  • The Mysterious Postcard
  • Finding Simon Peter - Reprise
Volume 42, Number 1 – September 2022
  • The Strawbridge Oak – It’s Life and Legacy
  • Poulson Cemetery Dedication – 22 May 2022
  • Ellsworth Cemetery Project – 21 May 2022
  • Ellsworth Cemetery Dedication – 11 June 2022
Volume 42, Number 2 - December 2022
  • ​Investigating Hood's Mill
  • The Broom Maker of Winfield
  • Little Stockings in a Row
Volume 42, Number 3 - March 2023
  • The Rise and Fall of Wakefield Village
  • The Moving of John Evans House
Volume 42, Number 4 - June 2023
  • Early Carroll County Settlers: The McGuire Family Cemetery News
  • Do You Know This Man?
  • In Memoriam: Harold Robertson
Volume 42, Number 1 – September 2023
  • Who Was He? The Mysterious Mentor
  • The McGuire Family, continued – Maryland to Pennsylvania
  • The Confusing 1870 Carroll County Census
  • CCGS Members attend the NGS Family History Conference
Volume 43, Number 2 - December 2023
  • George Brown(e), Immigrant
  • Rural News from the Past - 13 Dec, 1878
  • Releases from Administration following probate of a will
  • Yet Another Mystery - Leaming & Franklin gravestones 
  • CCGS Cemetery Committee Request 
Volume 43, Number 3 – March 2024
  • This or Nothing: My Journey to Carroll County and Dennings, MD
  • James Wells: His Impact on the Early days of Carroll County
  • Tribute to Jeff Duvall
  • In Memoriam: Martha Cornelia Hyson & Dorothy Mae Benedict
Volume 43 Number 4 - June 2024
  • Finding Annie
  • Brown’s Meeting House – The Story of the Trustees
  • Rural News from the Past – 8 Feb 1902 Democratic Advocate
  • Celebrating America
  • Hampstead Family History Day