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Welcome To The CCGS Website!

  The Carroll County Genealogical Society President and Board would like to welcome the many researchers to our website that was created for you, our members and the public in pursuit of genealogical research.  Our informational offerings are rich and we continue to grow our digital content.  As we work to improve the historical records offered at our site we hope that you would join us if you are not a current member.  Enjoy the site, explore and research. Genealogical research is rewarding and we hope that you find your experience with us positive and will return often in your research.      

CCGS News - March 2023

Research Thursdays
  Research Thursdays are scheduled from 1-4 pm.  Please contact us at to schedule a time if you require CCGS Staff assistance.  We ask that if you are not feeling well, please visit us on another day.  Thank you and we hope to see you soon in the library.   
Maryland Archive Links
Did you know that CCGS via the website provides quick links into the Maryland Archives?  Check the menu bar on the left, under CCGS Collections for the link to the Maryland Archives.  We have recently added a link for Md Death Certificates by counties, 1910-1923.  As Maryland Archives adds new data it is there for you!
Would you like to Volunteer? 
  You have time in your schedule and you would like to volunteer at the local genealogical society.  The Carroll County Genealogical Society is looking for you!  We have opportunities for you to lend your genealogy expertise to help others.  As the Society reengages with the community and we are scheduling more events we could use an extra hand or two for a couple of hours.  Interested? Drop us an email at and let us know how you would like to help, or how you can help us engage with the community. 

April 17
CCGS Public Genealogy Meeting
Topic: Genealogical Treasures: Family Bibles   Family Bibles can be a treasure trove of genealogical information including records of births, deaths, and marriages within the family. Gwenlyn Coddington, College Archivist and Special Collections Librarian at McDaniel College, will share what information your family Bible might add to your family ...

April 29
Family Bible Scanning Day
Family Bible Scanning Day   Bring a family Bible to be scanned by volunteers from the Carroll County Genealogical Society. This program is registered through the Carroll County Public Library (links below). Registration opens on April 15th at 9am. Registrants will be sent an email to sign up for ...

May 15
CCGS Public Genealogy Meeting
Topic: Using Land Records: Your Key to Unlock Family History Puzzles Family history researchers use land records for many different aspects of their research. They can help you to find or prove relationships between ancestors, break through brick walls, or even to make it possible to find and visit an ...