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Carroll County Genealogical Society

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Those Old Photographs

From time to time we will come across old photographs and if we have an opportunity we will post them up here for our researchers.
James A Schneider - 1918 - Family Portrait - 
Back Row - Right to Left - James A Schneider 1865-1935; Ella M (wife) 1873-1949; Elsie M (dau) Virginia A (dau) 1896-1972; Zelda M. (dau) 1900 - ?; Leighton A. (Son) 1903-1983
Front Row - Right to Left - Ralph N (son); Fred C (son) 1907-1989; B Aubrey (son) 1912-1960; Johah (son) 1913-?; Jean C (son) 1914-1987
Philip Myers family - Photo Album - Please take a look we are looking to identify family members in these photographs.  
Roland Park - Photo taken in July 1906 behind the car barn. 
Top Row -  beginning at right - Harry Wooden; Jim Sullivan; John H; Charley Miller, Will Keys; Tom Yingling
Bottom Row - beginning at left - Olly Wooden; Tommy Tucker; W Bolton; Hugo Schmidt  Photo - FRONT  BACK