Carroll County Genealogical Society
Carroll County Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 1752
Westminster, Maryland  21158
Carroll County Genealogical Society

Westminster, Maryland

Mission / Purpose

 The Carroll County Genealogical Society, Inc. was founded in 1981 to stimulate interest in genealogy, to educate the membership and general public in proper and ethical methods of genealogical research, and to gather, record, and disseminate genealogical and historical information.
  CCGS supports two communities in this way.  At home in Carroll County Maryland, CCGS offers resources and experience for our members and community to conduct their research examining family history and provide a place where people can come together to share and aide others in research.  CCGS offers programs, speakers and special projects which encourage community participation and sharing.
  Across the nation, we offer distant researchers membership, local expertise and resources to aide them in their research, where branches of their family tree may have resided in Carroll County, Maryland.  Through our wide collection of Carroll County specific books, resources and historical knowledge we want to encourage researchers to engage us and allow us to help breakdown that brick wall or provide information to assist you in your research.   

Operating Year: January - December 2024

CCGS Executive Board
President: Heather Owings
Vice President: Howard G. Lanham
Treasurer: David Powell
Secretary: Ms. Sharon Louise Bell Stewart
Immediate Past President: Diane Boettcher
Cemetery: Mary Rose Keffer
Forms: Judy Wagner
Hospitality: Wanda Hall
Research: Ann Horvath
Membership: Judy Wagner
Newsletter: Carol Wheatley
Programs: Heather Owings
Publications: Eileen Mummaugh
Publicity: Michael Cruz
Webmaster: Diane Boettcher
Library: Roger Siedel

Meeting Info

The Carroll County Genealogical Society meetings are held the third Monday of each month. Details are announced for upcoming meetings on our home page.  The public is always welcome.
We will also post notification on our website's homepage if there are program changes due to adverse weather conditions.  

Our focus, our history...
Carroll County was formed in 1837. Its boundaries were created from Baltimore and Frederick Counties. The county area is rich in history and stories of families starting a new beginning. When the first settlers left the Atlantic Coast and the shorelines of the Chesapeake Bay heading west, past the first fault drop in the streams and rivers flowing from the mountains to the coast they found rich farmland and quick running streams to power mills before the Appalachian Mountains.  Many families had their first start here and some families would begin to migrate further west to the Ohio River Valley and southward towards Tennessee and Kentucky.  
The volunteers of the Carroll County Genealogical Society share the stories of the many families who lived here, their history, their struggles and the records of their lives left behind for today's generations to recover and learn.  Genealogy is just one facet in telling the history of our land and of our Nation.  So as history intertwines with your family, rediscover your past and gain an understanding of how you reached your place in history today.    
  CCGS Early History (35th Anniversary Banquet Program)
  The 35th Anniversary Banquet Program can be found here:  June 12, 2016.  It provides insight into the early history of CCGS.