Carroll County Genealogical Society
Carroll County Genealogical Society
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Westminster, Maryland  21158
Carroll County Genealogical Society

Westminster, Maryland
City Hall

Meetings Cancelled

Research Thursdays are still cancelled, but we are hopeful that we will be able to reopen soon with some modifications.   

Welcome To The CCGS Website!

  The Carroll County Genealogical Society President and Board would like to welcome the many researchers to our website that was created for you, our members and the public in pursuit of genealogical research.  Our informational offerings are rich and we continue to grow our digital content.  As we work to improve the historical records offered at our site we hope that you would join us if you are not a current member.  Enjoy the site, explore and research. Genealogical research is rewarding and we hope that you find your experience with us positive and will return often in your research.      

Volunteer Opportunity

If you are interested in becoming a digital volunteer here is an opportunity to transcribe The Freedmen's Bureau Papers, supporting the Smithsonian in providing these documents to the public.  You can work safely and conveniently from your own home!  The below link will open the digital volunteer page,  where you can review the process.  Selecting this link will open a new tab in your browser.. 

CCGS June Board Meeting

 The CCGS Board met this week to discuss the current impact to the organization from the implementation of mandated guidelines in response to the COVID19 pandemic.  Some of the highlights of our discussion:
 - Planning to restart general meetings in the fall once the guidelines for meetings are changed by the State.
 - Discussion of the impact to CCGS regarding the lack of access to the CCGS collection at the Westminster Branch Library.
 - Review of organization membership.  CCGS membership remains strong and we are encouraged by the support of our members.
 - Discussion of potential impact to a small family cemetery and area development.  The history of the cemetery is documented in CCGS records and we are providing support to a group of concerned residents to protect the cemetery in accordance to local law.
 - During this down time CCGS has provided research to several persons seeking information from CCGS.  Our researchers have been continually active and successful in providing records/documentation to satisfy research inquiries.
 - The CCGS financial report was presented and reviewed by the board.  CCGS continues to operate from a positive position. 
 - General discussions were held on changes occurring in the Genealogical Community, the continued availability of new digital content, changes and improvements at Ancestry and other subscription services.  We focused on the merger of NGS and FGS and the services provided by these organizations.  
 - Our Web service provided by EasyNetSites has been outstanding and the Board remains very satisfied with their outstanding support and service.
 - Our Board meeting was attended by Ann Horvath, Carol Wheatly, Judy Wagner, Russ Hudson, Andrea Kehoe, Jane Brown-Wise and Wanda Hall.