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Welcome To The CCGS Website!

  The Carroll County Genealogical Society President and Board would like to welcome the many researchers to our website that was created for you, our members and the public in pursuit of genealogical research.  Our informational offerings are rich and we continue to grow our digital content.  As we work to improve the historical records offered at our site we hope that you would join us if you are not a current member.  Enjoy the site, explore and research. Genealogical research is rewarding and we hope that you find your experience with us positive and will return often in your research.      

1950 Census Coming Soon

CCGS News - January 2022

Research Thursdays
  Research Thursdays are scheduled from 1-4 pm.  Please contact us at to schedule a time if you require CCGS Staff assistance.  Changes due to COVID are impacting our ability to provide assistance to our members and the public with their genealogical research.  Please note that the Carroll County Public Library has reinstated a mask requirement for all library patrons and staff.  
CCGS Membership Meeting Note
  At our last meeting in November, Russ Hudson provided an update on DNA services used by researchers to assist them in their genealogical research.  One topic of discussion was the use of Y-DNA and how FTDNA's  Y-700 test was assisting researchers in tearing down their brick walls. 
  Roberta Estes a well known Genealogist, blogger, author and researcher released a new article on 3 Dec 2021, titled STRs and SNPs - Are STR Markers Still Useful for Y DNA?  This is a great article and I encourage you to make time to read this article.  It could change your approach to DNA use in genealogical research.  Click on the title to access this article.