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Welcome To The CCGS Website!

  The Carroll County Genealogical Society President and Board would like to welcome all researchers to our new website that was created with you, our members in mind and the public in pursuit of genealogical research.  We hope our presentation of information is engaging and helpful and if you are not currently a member you would consider a membership in our society.  Our informational offerings are rich and our plans are to grow as we work to improve the information and historical records offered to the general public and our membership.  Enjoy the site, explore and research. Genealogical research is rewarding and we hope that you find your experience with us positive and will return often in your research.  

  Membership Renewal
  Memberships currently renew for all members on 1 September.  Please ensure that when you renew, your contact information is current. We need current addresses to ensure that you receive your copy of the Carrolltonian and a current email if you have one so that you can be kept aware of CCGS events and changes.  Don't get lost, stay in touch!
  If you have difficulty in making changes please contact the CCGS Membership Chair - Judy Wagner at the following email address: and she will be happy to help you with any changes needed.  

CONGRATULATIONS to the Baltimore County Genealogical Society on reaching 40 years of service to the Genealogical Community!  A milestone for them and an accomplishment for the dedicated volunteers that ensure the operation of their Society. Looking forward to their 50th!

Event: Green Mount Cemetery Walking Tours $
Speaker: Wayne Schaumburg
Dates: October 7, 14, 21, and 28, 2017
Time: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Location: Green Mount Cemetery
1501 Greenmount Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21202
Cost: Reservations ($) are required and can be made by sending an email to
Each May and October Wayne Schaumburg leads guided tours of the Cemetery on Saturday mornings. Mr. Schaumburg has degrees in history and liberal arts from Towson University, Morgan State University, and Johns Hopkins University. He taught in the Baltimore City School system for 39 years. Mr. Schaumburg began giving tours of Green Mount Cemetery in 1985 as a volunteer with the City Life Museums.

In our library...  We have recently added a copy of the book; Johann Bermann Weidemeyer his Descendants and collateral kindred; by Carleton L. Weidemeyer.  Mr Weidemeyer is a member of the Carroll County Genealogical Society
  See the book here
  About the author here

Our focus, our history...
Carroll County was formed in 1837 it's boundaries created from Baltimore and Frederick Counties.  It is an area rich in history and stories of families starting a new beginning. When the first settlers left the Atlantic Coast and the shorelines of the Chesapeake Bay heading west, past the first fault drop in the streams and rivers flowing from the mountains to the coast they found rich farmland and quick running streams to power mills before the Appalachian Mountains.  It was here that many families had their first start in a wild frontier and it is from here that families would begin to migrate further west to the Ohio River Valley and southward towards Tennessee and Kentucky.  
Here on these pages the volunteers of the Carroll County Genealogical Society will strive to create the story of the many families who lived here, their history, their struggles and the records of their lives left behind for today's generations to recover and learn.  Genealogy is just one facet in telling the history of our land and of our Nation.  So as history intertwines with your family, rediscover your past and gain an understanding of how you reached your place in history today.    


November 20
Meeting, November 20
Carroll County Genealogical Society Website Overview - Russ Hudson, the webmaster for the new CCGS website will present an overview of the new website with a focus on the member profile area.  Russ will discuss the importance of the profile module and how you the member can make the most ...