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Records: 201 to 250 of 1429
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Actions Call Number   Title Author
View Record  DURBIN The Durbins & Logsdons and Related Families in America, Volumes II
View Record  DUVALL Mareen Duvall of Middle Plantation, A Genealogy History of Mareen Duvall, Gent., of the Province of Maryland and His Descendants with Histories of the Allied Families of Tyler, Clarke, Poole, Hall, and Merriken Newman, Harry Wright
View Record  EBAUGH John Jacob Ebaugh: The first “Ebaugh” in America origin of his provincial name: history of a Maryland family Ebaugh, John Lynn
View Record  EBELING Past and Present History Genealogy Directory of George Ebeling/ Elizabeth Arthur through the families of their son and his wife William Henry Ebeling (1869-1947) and Cora Lusetta Newton (1873-1949) Milbocker, Colleen Hiatt
View Record  EBY Descendants of Christian Eby (1777-1859) and His Wife Susannah McDonald Eby (1781-1866) Minnich, Effie Eugenia E.
View Record  ECK Eck Families of Pennsylvania and Maryland Greenlea, Victoria Brenner
View Record  ECK The Eck Families 1695-1999 Greenlea, Victoria Brenner
View Record  ECKER The Family of John Ecker and Elizabeth Engel Ecker Poling, Virginia; Poling, Newton
View Record  ECKROTH Eckroth, Eckenroth, Eckenrode Family, Vol. I: William E Kirkpatrick Pelikan, Chris
View Record  ECKROTH Eckroth, Eckenroth, Eckenrode Family, Vol. II: William E Kirkpatrick Pelikan, Chris
View Record  EDWARDS A Story of Two Tennessee Families: Edwards – Hyder Edwards, Ernestine Ratcliffe
View Record  ELDER Maryland Elder Family and Kin, William Elder 1707-1775 Emmitsburg, Maryland Pioneer Donnelly, Sister Mary Louise
View Record  ELLICOTT The Ellicotts: Striving for a Holy Community Mylander, Alison Ellicott
View Record  ENGLAR Genealogy of the Englar Family, The Descendants of Philip Englar, 1736-1817: Traced down for five generations from 1736 Englar, J. Walter
View Record  ERB The Erbs from Maryland (to Indiana) ca 1710-1982 Erb, Russell E.
View Record  ESTEP The Estep/ Eastep Genealogy, Volume II Burgess, Jane Farrell
View Record  EUSTIS The Eustis Families in the United States from 1657 to 1968 Eustis, Warner; McCormack, Miss Ruth; Schilpp, Mrs. Anthony
View Record  EUSTIS The Eustis Families in the United States from 1657 to 1968, Volume II: continuation thru 1970 Eustis, Warner; Schilpp, Mrs. Anthony
View Record  EVERHART A History of the Everhart and Shower Families from 1744 to 1883. Embracing six generations. Also a sketch of Manchester, Maryland Everhart, O.T.
View Record  Family Chart Family Chart: Baker, Harris Kopp, Vance D.
View Record  Family Chart Hans Hoerner (Harner) Family Chart 1620-1958
View Record  FIROR Chart of the Firor Family Firor, Mary Beth
View Record  FIROR The Firor, Vieruhr, Firuhr, Ferrow, Vehruhr, Fearor, Feror, Feroe, Feirore, Fieror, Firur, Vieror, Firohr, Feeror, Fierohr Family 1731--
View Record  FISCHER Experienced and Conquered, Frederick C. Fischer, Musician, U.S Navy Aboard USS Constitution 1844-1846 Fischer, Annabelle F.; Fischer, Frederick C.
View Record  FLATER The Flaters of Carroll County, Maryland Murphy, Leola Wright, 1992. Plus Vol. II in 2 notebooks
View Record  FLATER The Flaters of Carroll County, Maryland Volume 2 1992-2000 Murphy, Leola Wright
View Record  FLEAGLE Fleagle Descendants of Caleb Harrison Fleagle Naiman, Orlin F.; Naiman, Leo E.
View Record  FLEGLE Descendants of Johann Valentin Flegle Mitchell, Caryl A.; Mitchell, Doris S.
View Record  FLEMMING The Flemming, Charlton and Patterson Families of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Ohio Greenlee, Victoria B
View Record  FLOYD Marriages of People Named Floyd Cartlidge, Anna M.
View Record  FOGLE 1846-2000 George Fogle, Benjamin F. Fogle, Carrie M. Wetzel Fogle, Vernon F. Fogle, Flossie M. Eckard Fogle, Children and Grandchildren: Fogle, Mitzel, Shearer Shearer, Elaine L. Fogle
View Record  FORTHUBER Maryland Footings, German Roots: The Forthuber Family Mowbray, Phyllis Wagner
View Record  FOWBLE The Fowble Family Tree Albers, Anna May
View Record  FRANKLIN The Franklin’s of Carroll County Fowler, Robert; Fowler, Betty
View Record  FREED Family of Edward & Rosa Ellen Bressler Freed and Children Stebbing, Ellen Capitolia; Stebbing, Elwyme Lincoln
View Record  FRENCH The Family of David French French, Robert Hughes
View Record  FRITZ Family Record of Charles W. Fritz & Carrie Lucinda Fritz and Their Descendants Fritz, Clifton R.
View Record  FROCK The Frocks of Maryland Including Their Roots In Pennsylvania Ott, Richard H.
View Record  GAMBER The Jacob H. Gamber Family of Maryland and Kansas Traynham, Katherine Anne Holbrook
View Record  GARRETT The Garrett (Gerhard-Gehret) Family of York and Washington Counties, Pennsylvania, and Carroll County, Maryland Rutherford, Dolores Crumrine
View Record  GIGGARD Giggard Family Records Giggard, William; Giggard, Martha Williams
View Record  GILL Gill Family in Maryland 1642, 1659, 1950 Gill, James D.
View Record  GIST Christopher Gist of Maryland and some of his descendants 1679-1957 Dorsey, Jean Muir; Dorsey, Maxwell Jay
View Record  GLADMAN The Gladman–Baker Family History from Mid 1700s Baylis, J. L.
View Record  GLATTFELDER The Glattfelders in America, The Descendants of Two Brothers, Johan Peter & Casper Glattfelder; and Their Uncle Hons Heinrich; and Others Hartman, Don; Hartman, Jeanine
View Record  GORSUCH The Gorsuch-Lovelace Ancestry of Grace, Agnes and Alfred Gorsuch of Westminster, Maryland: Part I, 1918 to 1642 Moylan, Charles E.
View Record  GORSUCH The Thomas Gorsuch Genealogy: : being a history of Thomas Gorsuch of Baltimore County, Maryland and his descendants of Nebraska and Poweshiek Counties, Iowa. Hall, William C.
View Record  GRAYBILL Joseph Graybill Family History Yingling, Margaret G. (Book missing?)
View Record  GREENHOLT Harold Jacob John Greenholt: Those who went before and those who follow after Greenholt, Kevin; Greenholt, Daniel
View Record  GREENLAND Genealogies of Selected Trough Creek Valley Families, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania: Part II: The Descendants of Moses Greenland Including considerable genealogical data on the related families of: Benjamin Corbin, Andrew Shaw, Nicholas Shanafelt, and John Edwards and data on other related families. Fully Indexed Schutte, Doris Rex
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Records: 201 to 250 of 1429